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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

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About nDEX Network

nDEX Network is a next generation decentralized ethereum token exchange.

Cryptocurrencies became an increasingly popular solution to meet the requirements of the Digital Economy.Cryptocurrencies are predominantly obtained by pur-chasing it from cryptocurrency owners for fiat currency.Usually a digital currency exchange platform is used.Most of these exchanges allow cryptocurrencies to bepurchased with fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.Price quotations can significantly differ based on theplatform used. Most countries lack cryptocurrency legislation. This means that cryptocurrency exchange platforms are notrequired to obtain money service licenses, and transac-tions with such exchanges are unregulated.
Exchanges should be made directly between interested parties without the use of intermediaries.
Our primary goal is to provide a clean, fast and secure trading environment with lowest service charge.nDEX uses the cutting edge technology for fast and secure trading, deposit and withdraw process.

Before invest please check our exchange nDexMarket

There will be a promo airdrop initiated Q1 2019.

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Why Choose us?

Secured User Data

nDEX not storing any user data or key. All transactions will made through ethereum contract which can be monitored by anyone, anytime and stored for lifetime.

Most Credibility

DEX exchange does not have a single center (company,server,organization) that monitors user data. Thus, targeted measures are not applicable to the funds stored in the system, and the rules embodied in the system guarantee participants 100% funds safety.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

You can deposit, trade and withdraw anytime around the clock. No prior permission need to execute withdraw any amounts of your assets.

Data Insights are Open

Open-source code, market data and API for external services.

Token Distribution


Jun-14-2018 07:22:51 AM +UTC, generated 15,000,000,000 NDX

Number of tokens for sale

12,000,000,000 NDX (80%)

Tokens for airdrop & community building

1,000,000,000 NDX (6.66%)

Tokens for team & nDEX Network

2,000,000,000 NDX (13.33%) Stored in a secure wallet till April 2019. Not more 4% tokens will be released each month after lock-up period.

Tokens for Pre-Sale

4,800,000,000 NDX
(40% from total tokens for sale)
Start : Jun-25-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC
End: July-24-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC

Tokens for ITO

7,200,000,000 NDX
(60% from total tokens for sale)
Start : AUG-10-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC
End : SEP-15-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 5,000,000 NDX

Acceptable currency

Ethereum (ETH)

Min/Max transaction amount (No cap)

0.05 ETH (Suggested) /2 ETH (Maximum for one wallet)

Before invest please check our exchange nDexMarket


Our Team

Tanvir Rahaman
  • Crypto currency Developer, Promoter
  • Trader, Hacker
  • Working with blockchain based projects since 2012
  • Python, JavaScript, SQL Coder
Robert Jones
CTO & Founder

  • 9+ years in crypto currency trading, entrepreneur and investor.
  • Cyber security professional
  • Major exprerience in blockchain asset investment management
Sayma Hameed
Head of PR & Marketing
nDEX team
  • 6+ years experience in public relation and mass media marketing
  • Previously worked 2 multinational organization

Frequently asked questions

NDX token is a ERC20 utility token for nDEX Network. maximum supply of 15 billions

We only support Ethereum (ETH) to buy NDX (nDEX) token.

If you have Ethereum on your personal wallet (which one's private key you know), send 0.005-0.1 ETH to our contract address: "0x8ADFe1D5240145273A70f51D00DB5a53Eb94813f". You receive token instantly.

To add NDX on MEW or Metamask first go to add custom token section then add our contract address "0x8ADFe1D5240145273A70f51D00DB5a53Eb94813f" then add symbol "NDX" after that on decimal add "18" click "add".

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