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nDEX Network is the first blockchain based multi platform project

We promise to build the top class product on blockchain
nDEX Network is a blockchain business development platform that seeks to provide for the entire blockchain community, robust exchange platforms both centralized and decentralized to give the community a mixed sensation of both centralized and decentralized trading experience.
Reached: 45 ETH 150 ETH
Softcap Hardcap

NEXBIT exchange is upgrade pro version. Nexbit pro is the advance high class trading crypto currency exchange and eco-system platform.

nDEX Market is a next-generation decentralized Ethereum token exchange powered by Ethereum blockchain and nDEX Network's first project.

ROBODAX is built with a different goal and purposes. ROBODAX makes crypto assets more accessible and easy for investors and traders. ROBODX presents a new way of investing.

BlockHAT is tracking cryptocurrency price and market capitalizations. Equipped with in-depth asset information, real time trade views, charting tools, historical data.

nEXBit Club is a platform for the analysis and research of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). We are updating three useful list: Active ICO, Upcoming ICO and Ended ICO.

What is NDX?

NDX is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. NDX is nDEX Network's native token.

Contract Address: 0x1966d718A565566e8E202792658D7b5Ff4ECe469
Total nDEX(NDX): 15,000,000,000 NDX
Number of tokens for sale : 12,000,000,000 NDX (80%)
Tokens for airdrop & community: 1,000,000,000 NDX (6.66%)
Tokens for team & nDEX Network :2,000,000,000 NDX (13.33%)
Tokens for Pre-Sale: 4,800,000,000 NDX

Balanced Token Distribution

Most Profitable ITO

Experienced & Dedicated Team

All codes are open source, published in github

Robust Technology

Life time profit making from token holding

Full Blockchain based project

A real token ecosystem scenario


Road to grow

Very Low Supply


Investment Potential

Fast Growing


Live development process

Innovative Idea


Use top class coding for better security

High Security Coding


A quality 'digital asset' class for long term hold

Asset Class


Sustainable growth for longer term

Potential Profit Growth


Inter exchange adoption probability

Payment for Special Purposes


Selling & Buying in a decentralized way

Exchange On Time

Why hold NDT?

NDT is a reward distribution ERC20 token from nDEX Network

NDT is a very low supply token from nDEX Network reward system. nDEX Network will start distributing its profits from platform early February 2019. 30% profit will be distributed among all NDT holders. Last week of every month nDEX Network will publish their’s balance sheet, net profit and distributable profit.


Grow Your Capital

Investing in nDEX Network products is a meaning of future capital growth

nDEX Network core plan to operate future business with public contribution. This means, every product from nDEX Network has a space for general people beside its investors. nDEX Network will distribute its 50% profit to NDX and NDT holders, which start February 2019.



Profit Share


Profit Share




Idea, core plan was to build a platform.
Q1 2018
Team build up and idea expand. nDEX Network was born.
June, Q2 2018
nDEX Market, NDX TGE
Start 1st project nDEX Market design. TGE for NDX completed airdrop and donation collection initiated.
June, Q2 2018
Donation, Partnership
Donation stage is over. Pre-Sale initiated. Partnership for the future Ecosystem.
August, Q3 2018
DEX, ITO start
Decentralized Exchange nDEX Market (DEX) for nDEX Network release. Start working on the 2nd project. Pre-Sale finished. ITO starts.
September, Q3 2018
DEX upgrade, ITO ends
DEX upgraded, ITO finished. BlockRoll beta release (abandoned).
October, Q4 2018
NDX Distribution
Whitepaper v2 published. Main NDX distribution complete (investors, airdrop and bounty hunters). NDX will be listed on several exchanges.
November, Q4 2018
nEXBit beta, ROBODAX & NDT
nEXBit beta release & ROBODAX goes live. Campaign for better liquidity in DEX. nEXBit beta release. NDT issued & circulated.
Q1 2019
Ecosystem & nPay
nDEX Market, BlockRoll & nEXBit all operational. nDEX ecosystem run. Start working with Payment Gateway Service nPay and its native token NPX.
May, Q2 2019
nPay ICO
nPay ICO will be conducted with legal support from Estonia.
June, Q2 2019
nPay ICO concluded
nPay beta release. NDX will be listed on multiple top 10 exchanges. All token operational and will be traded on exchanges. Next roadmap and whitepaper will be published.

Core Team

Dedication & Quality
CEO & Founder

9+ years in Blockchain ecosystem, developer, entrepreneur and investor. Cyber security professional.

Web Developer & Social media Manager

Blockchain Enthusiast. Web Developer. Social Media Expert.

CTO & Business Development Manager

Web Developer. SQL Database Expert. Network Security Expert.

Manager Public Relations

2+ years in web designing experience. 3+ years experience in blockchain technology. HTML5, JavaScrip

Head of Marketing

3+ Years Experience in Crypto and Crypto Community Management.

Manager Design Development & Marketing

Professional Graphics Designer, 3+ years website running and maintenance, HTML coder and Videographe

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