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Recent days our core management and project ownership has been changed as well as token contract address is changed. Previous contract address "0x8ADFe1D5240145273A70f51D00DB5a53Eb94813f" is no longer valid. nDEX(NDX) token new contract address is "0x1966d718A565566e8E202792658D7b5Ff4ECe469". New contract address is published all over social media and this website also. Our new CEO is well known in crypto currency and blockchain technology field. Updated details of other project member will be published soon. Our whitepaper v2 will publish end on August 2018. Two or more projects added to core nDEX Network's current project nDEX Market without ICO/ITO fully (self/partner) funded, fueled by NDX token to their respective token ecosystem.
About nDEX Network

nDEX Network is a blockchian business development platform. nDEX Market is a next generation decentralized ethereum token exchange & nDEX Network's first completed project.

Cryptocurrencies became an increasingly popular solution to meet the requirements of the Digital Economy.The Digital Economy is growing. The Digital Economy is the economic activity based on digital technologies. These developments spur the growth of the Digital Economy. Currently, the Digital Economy is the primary driver for the world's economic growth.The rapid growth of the Digital Economy increased the demand for on-line payments. As such, blockchan technology became an increasingly popular solution to meet the requirements of the Digital Economy.
nDEX Network will make this blockchain technology more usable for mass people. nDEX Network already aimed to build 3 popular category projects. nDEX Network will put a flag on blockchain flag-pool.
nDEX Network does not aimed to get profit from ITO/ICO. Our core ambition is to deliver potential blockchain products.

Reward giving will start February 2019 to NDX & NDT holders*.

working graph of nDEX


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Before invest please check our exchange nDexMarket

Why Invest nDEX Network ?

Balanced Token Distribution

Total nDEX(NDX): 15,000,000,000 NDX
Number of tokens for sale : 12,000,000,000 NDX (80%)
Tokens for airdrop & community: 1,000,000,000 NDX (6.66%)
Tokens for team & nDEX Network :2,000,000,000 NDX (13.33%)
(50% Stored in a secure wallet till Nov 2019.)
Tokens for Pre-Sale: 4,800,000,000 NDX
(40% from total tokens for sale, 55% sold out)

Most Profitable ITO

Competitively very low priced token
Three products in one ITO
A real token ecosystem scenario
Main share (a ERC721 security token)
exchange option with NDX :TBA
Life time profit making from share holding :TBA
Very low Hard Cap only 1100 ETH.
Nearly 70% cap already reached

Experienced & Dedicated Team

First product is operational and gain much traction by others project which is delivery before ITO end
Full time availability
Very community friendly
Balance support from all members including CEO

Robust Technology

Full Blockchain based project
All codes are open source, published in github
Use of robust Ethereum blockchain technology
Core technology : Ethereum Blockchain
Language: Solidity, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Ruby, HTML
Smart Contract: ERC20 standard, code verified
Platform: NodeJS, Docker, PostgresDB, Ruby & EVM
Security: All products hosted on dedicated VPS/Cloud with SSL encryption

Token Distribution


Total nDEX(NDX): 15,000,000,000 NDX
nDEX contract address: 0x1966d718A565566e8E202792658D7b5Ff4ECe469

Number of tokens for sale

12,000,000,000 NDX (80%)

Tokens for airdrop & community building

1,000,000,000 NDX (6.66%)

Tokens for team & nDEX Network

2,000,000,000 NDX (13.33%) 50% Stored in a secure wallet till Nov 2019.

Tokens for Pre-Sale

4,800,000,000 NDX
(40% from total tokens for sale)
Start : Jun-25-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC
End: July-24-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC

Tokens for ITO

7,200,000,000 NDX
(60% from total tokens for sale)
Start : AUG-10-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC
End : SEP-30-2018 12:00:00 AM +UTC

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 5,000,000 NDX

Acceptable currency

Ethereum (ETH)

Min/Max transaction amount (No cap)

0.05 ETH /2 ETH (Maximum for one wallet)

Before invest please check our exchange nDexMarket

Our Team

Tanvir Rahaman
CEO & Founder
  • 9+ years in Blockchain ecosystem, entrepreneur and investor.
  • Cyber security professional
  • Major exprerience in blockchain project developments
  • Developer Python, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL.
Mafroja Tania
Head Public Relation & Web Designer
  • 2+ years in web designing experience
  • 3+ years experience in blockchain technology
  • HTML5, JavaScript
Samuel Anjorin
Developer, Frontend
  • 3+ years expericences web apps development
  • HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Ahmed Rasheed
Manager, Community & Marketing
  • 2+ years experience in SMM and crypto community management
  • Previously worked 10+ projects
Busayo Ogungbayi
Manager, Business Development
  • Early life enterpreneur & real blockchain business development experience
  • Previously worked 5+ projects

Frequently asked questions

NDX token is a ERC20 utility token for nDEX Network. maximum supply of 15 billions

We only support Ethereum (ETH) to buy NDX (nDEX) token.

If you have Ethereum on your personal wallet (which one's private key you know), send 0.05-2 ETH to our contract address: "0x1966d718A565566e8E202792658D7b5Ff4ECe469". You receive token instantly.

To add NDX on MEW or Metamask first go to add custom token section then add our contract address "0x1966d718A565566e8E202792658D7b5Ff4ECe469" then add symbol "NDX" after that on decimal add "18" click "add".

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